Undergraduate Certificate in Dakota Language Teaching

The Daḳota Iapi Uƞspewic̣akiyapi Teaching Certificate is designed to address the critical point of Dakota language loss in Minnesota by developing a cadre of Dakota language learners, speakers, and teachers. This effort is part of a global indigenous language revitalization movement based on the understanding that language is fundamental to cultural survival and tribal sovereignty.

In this program, you can develop a level of fluency in the language that prepares you to conduct your own immersion classroom (entirely in the language). We connect our language program to state teaching licensure programs and other institutions that need certified language teachers. Our close ties help provide our graduates with careers, and attract prospective indigenous language speakers and teachers to our communities.

Application to the Daḳota Iapi Uƞspewic̣akiyapi Teaching Certificate program is recommended during Spring Semester of Intermediate Dakota (DAKO 3124/4124).

What You'll Learn

This certificate program will prepare you to take an active teaching role in the American Indian community. You'll gain advanced proficiency and knowledge – both written and oral – of the Dakota language. By enrolling in this certificate program, you will:

  • Become familiar with indigenous language revitalization history, issues, research, and efforts on state, regional, national, and international levels.
  • Become familiar with basic principles of language revitalization teaching methodologies.
  • Practice these principles in a required semester-long practicum assisting in a community language program.
  • Learn the basic techniques for describing and analyzing linguistic data through working on examples taken from Dakota texts and translations.

Certificate Benefits

Enhance your knowledge and skills, learn new skills, or begin working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree. The Daḳota Iapi Uƞspewic̣akiyapi Teaching Certificate is:

  • shorter than degree programs
  • used as an area of study for a degree program
  • flexible and offered at varying times
  • taught by University faculty