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Graduate Students

Our exceptional graduate students come from all over the country and the world. Their diverse research interests, skills, creativity, and experiences enliven the intellectual atmosphere of the department and the university.

Name Contact Area of Study
Taylor Acosta
PhD 19th and 20th century art
Parisa Atighi Moghadam
PhD Late Sasanian Iran and central Asia
Theresa Downing
PhD Contemporary art and fiber art
Shannon Flaherty
PhD Contemporary art
Fahimeh Ghorbani
MA Islamic art
Eric Hankin-Redmon
MA American material culture
Johnathan Hardy
MA Sasanian and Central Asian art and Architecture
Shandra Lamaute
MA Ancient to late antique Near East and eastern Mediterranean art
Aron Lorber
PhD Contemporary art
Angelica Maier
MA Contemporary art
Christina Michelon
PhD American art
Hyeongjin Oh
MA Contemporary art
Nikki Otten
PhD 19th and early 20th century art
Erika Prater
PhD Contemporary art
Vanessa Reubendale
PhD 20th century American art
Stephanie Rozman
PhD South Asian art and architecture
Colleen Stockmann
MA American art
Natalia Vargas Márquez
PhD Colonial Latin America
Madeline Whitman
PhD Early modern art
Hannah Wiepke
MA Early Modern Europe and the Atlantic world
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