Learning Abroad

Learn more about studying abroad in art history.

There are several study abroad programs for art history all around the world, including programs in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and Europe.  These programs have different areas of focus that enhance language learning, enliven the study of cultures, and bring depth to the historical understanding of art.

Learning abroad with art history includes taking courses, holding internships, conducting research, visiting museums, galleries, and historical sites, and attending symposia abroad.  All of these learning types help art history majors and minors to understand art from an international perspective.  Since art provides a window to the political, cultural, religious, economic, and environmental conditions in which it was made, collected and viewed, there is no substitute for visiting the country or region related to your art historical interests.

In addition to providing unique experiences and placing you in the heart of specific customs, traditions, dialects, and cuisines, study abroad offers students the opportunity to establish international professional and personal networks that are crucial for achieving career goals after graduation.