Scholarships & Grants

The Art History Department offers three endowed scholarships for undergraduates:

The Janet G. McCloud Travel Scholarship in American Painting supports a period of continuous travel in any region(s) of the United States, with the express goal to gain broad exposure to the historical and ongoing practice of artistic painting by American artists.

The Pioneer Scholarship is awarded to majors of high academic standing to support the completion of their undergraduate studies.

The Patricia and Kenneth Puffer Scholarship provides funds for undergraduate majors of high academic standing to support international travel through Study Abroad.

The Weisberg Curatorial Fellowship is awarded to an exceptional undergraduate or graduate student to facilitate a curatorial internship at a local or regional museum.

We also regularly offer Undergraduate Research Assistantships in which students work to assist faculty members with specific research projects.

Application information for all such department opportunities is sent directly to department majors.

College of Liberal Arts Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts offers scholarships for continuing students, currently enrolled in CLA. Each year, academically talented CLA students receive scholarships based on need or merit.

To apply online, complete the application for the College of Liberal Arts Continuing Student Scholarships. Learn more about available scholarships.