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Meet Our Students

Photo of Olivia Mullenax

Olivia Mullenax is a third year student with a double major in art history and anthropology. Her primary interests include focusing on the intersectional and underpresented subjects in art history such as LGBTQ, and feminist representation as well as topics related to colonialism. Part of these interests relate to her desire to explore and research how to decolonize museum archives and collections. Olivia’s career interests include working as a registrar or in collections management in order to make museums accessible, represent diverse narratives within art, and work with objects. Olivia enjoys the cultural opportunities available in the Twin Cities and its connection to the artistic community. She is a Visitor Services Associate at the Weisman Art Museum, Vice President of Art History club on campus and was a recipient of the Dean’s Freshman Research scholarship where she completed research with art history Professor Dr. Mathew Canepa for his book “The Iranian Expanse.”


Photo of Isabella Gold

Isabella Gold is a sophomore studying art history through the University Honors Program with a special interest in the early modern world. You can usually find her working as an office assistant in the Art History department, or at the Weisman Art Museum where she is an officer on the WAM Collective. Through her work on the WAM Collective creating programming, writing articles for the WAM blog, and working on budgeting proposals, she hopes to make museums more inclusive spaces. She is interested in the role museums have to play in education and hopes to work as a curator someday. Her interest in a curatorial career led her to work with Diane Mullin, the Senior Curator at the Weisman Art Museum, doing research for a number of projects, and with Masha Zavialova, the chief curator at the Museum of Russian Art. Isabella also received the Dean's First-Year Research and Creative Scholars Award through which she researched the history of witchcraft and the connections between art, mythology, and philosophy within that context. She is a member of the Art History Club as well as a violinist in the Campus Orchestra, and she is interested in the connections between music and visual art.


Photograph of student Anya Udovik

Anya Udovik is a third year Art History and History major with a particular interest in alternative gallery spaces and museology. Although her primary focus is contemporary Eastern European art history, Anya also enjoys reading up on postwar print culture, transi tombs, and Conceptualism. Aside from volunteering at the Museum of Russian Art, Anya is also part of the WAM Collective, the Vice President of the Russian Literature and Art Group on Campus. Anya also helped organized Environmental Impact, Landscape Architecture at 50 in the HGA Galley and helps out with shows in Rapson Hall. Anya has participated in the UROP program, examining Rebecca Krinke’s What Needs to Said in her own project titled Radical Listening. Anya also received the Puffer Scholarship through the Department of Art History in 2016 and was awarded the Talle Family Scholarship in 2017.