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Meet Our Students

photo of ashley cope


Ashley Cope first attended the University of Minnesota, Duluth as a history major, but quickly discovered that she had an interest in art history during a medieval history course she took in her freshman year. Ashley declared art history as her major and realized she wanted to attend a larger university where she could become involved in the art history department, museums, and the art scene of a larger city. She transferred to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities at the beginning of her sophomore year and has been an art history and gender, women, and sexuality studies double major ever since. Ashley aspires to become a museum curator at a large institution. Currently, her interests are undecided but she has done considerable work with 19th century French painting, Expressionism, and some local contemporary art. She has interned at several institutions in Minneapolis, including the Weisman Art Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Art as the Weisberg Curatorial Fellow. Ashley is currently completing a study abroad thanks to the Art History department's Puffer Scholarship; she is studying French and using this opportunity to view art objects in person at French museums, such as the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.


photo of frederica simmons

Frederica Simmons is completing her senior year as an undergraduate student, pursuing an Art History and Communication Studies double major through the University Honors Program at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Firm in her belief that the strongest oppositional force against the hate and oppression in the world is not peace, but creation, she is interested in the possibilities that underlie the process of creating equal opportunities for all people to engage with art. Frederica has centered her work around a focus on social justice as it exists at the intersections of youth empowerment, community engagement, and art. Her passion for community and public programs, disability-inclusive programs in particular, has led her to become a member of the WAM Collective and an intern for the Weisman Art Museum’s Director of Education. She has also worked at the Minneapolis Institute of Art on community programming within the Multigenerational Learning Innovation department. Frederica is a Community Engagement Scholar, an Honors Program mentor and ambassador, and an alumni of HECUA’s Art for Social Change program. She is currently working as the Membership and Development assistant at the Weisman and is completing a UROP project with Professor Karen Mary Davalos on her research project, Mexican American Art Since 1848, exploring Chicano Art and the community-based influence of arts organizations.


Photograph of student Anya Udovik

Anya Udovik is a third year Art History and History major with a particular interest in alternative gallery spaces and museology. Although her primary focus is contemporary Eastern European art history, Anya also enjoys reading up on postwar print culture, transi tombs, and Conceptualism. Aside from volunteering at the Museum of Russian Art, Anya is also part of the WAM Collective, the Vice President of the Russian Literature and Art Group on Campus. Anya also helped organized Environmental Impact, Landscape Architecture at 50 in the HGA Galley and helps out with shows in Rapson Hall. Anya has participated in the UROP program, examining Rebecca Krinke’s What Needs to Said in her own project titled Radical Listening. Anya also received the Puffer Scholarship through the Department of Art History in 2016 and was awarded the Talle Family Scholarship in 2017.