Art Building

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Regis Center for Art encompasses 145,000 square feet of modern space dedicated to art production, exhibition, and studio art education. Regis houses state-of-the-art facilities in sculpture, foundry, ceramics, digital fabrication, imaging and editing, printmaking, drawing and painting studios, black and white photography labs, and digital moving image studios, as well as the the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, a 5,000 square foot research laboratory for the practice and interpretation of the visual arts. Regis West and the Quarter Gallery provide additional exhibition space.

Regis Center for the Arts' fully equipped metal and wood fabrication shops in Regis East feature a walk-in spray booth, modeling and mold making studios, a welding and metal-forming shop and sandblasting booth, an enclosed sound-proof grinding room with air stations, and a check-out room for hand tools.

The Wayne E. Potratz Foundry (E170) houses induction furnaces for bronze and iron, two cupolettes, gas-fired crucible furnaces, a burn-out/melt-out kiln, a 3-ton bridge crane, and a ceramic shell molding studio. It also provides facilities for standard investment, chemically-bonded sand, green sand, and centrifugally cast molds.

The 9,000 square foot Warren MacKenzie Ceramics Studios in Regis East include hand building and throwing studios, indoor and outdoor kiln rooms, glaze, plaster, and clay mixing rooms, and a computer lab.The kiln rooms contain multiple downdraft and updraft gas kilns, four atmosphere kilns (soda, wood), and 12 electric kilns. Production studios are outfitted with glaze spray booths, slab rollers, extruders, and electric and kick wheels.

The drawing, painting, and printmaking area in Regis West contains five spacious drawing and painting studio classrooms, a digital drawing classroom, a critique room, and a drawing and painting BFA studio.

All studios are equipped with easels, taborets, and tables as well as environmentally safe brush cleaners, and ventilated storage/drying rooms. The digital drawing classroom is outfitted with current generation Macs and Wacom tablets, an Epson 1400 printer, an Epson 1000XL scanner, and two smaller scanners.

The 7,580 square foot Malcolm Myers Printmaking Studio in Regis West includes lithography, etching, silkscreen studios, and a digital lab adjacent to a communal work space. The intaglio studio has a 48” x 109” Takach etching press and five smaller etching presses; the lithography studio houses four large lithography presses (Brand and Takach); the screen studio houses six Cincinnati presses; and the digital lab has an HP 5200 laser printer, a large format scanner, and three computer stations.

Regis West also houses facilities for the production of sound and moving images: video, film, animation, sound, and interactive media. Photography facilities include six individual darkrooms, a large group darkroom, the mounting and finishing area, a computer lab, a printing and scanning lab (see Digital Services Bureau information below), a copy camera room, equipment checkout, and a critique room. Digital classrooms are outfitted with Mac computers and recent generation equipment with Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Adobe suite, Max/MSP workstations, and equipment for experimental and in-the-field productions.

There is also a space set aside for experimental performance.

Wood Shop, Metal Shop and Tool Crib 

The Wood Shop (E131), Metal Shop (E139), and Tool Crib (E133) are located in Regis East and offer a variety of standing machinery and hand tools for use. The Wood and Metal Shops have regular monitored lab hours while classes are in session with student workers on hand to assist in the use of equipment. Access is open to faculty, staff, and students in the department who complete a safety training session. For more information contact 612) 624-4072. Reservations online. 

Hours (Spring Semester 2022)
Monday-Thursday 9 AM - 9 PM
Friday 9 AM - 4 PM

Darkroom and Photo Crib (W139)

The Darkroom (W140) and Photo Crib (W139) are located in Regis West. Equipment Check-out provides video and audio production equipment, drawing tablets and DSLR cameras for students currently enrolled in Department of Art classes. We also sell drawing paper, film and printmaking supplies. Students currently taking classes in the Dept. of Art may reserve equipment using our online site or in person.

COVID update: To ensure the safety of students, staff, and faculty, the darkroom W140 is open to enrolled photo students only

Hours (Spring Semester 2022 only for enrolled art students):
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fridays: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturdays: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Students currently taking classes in the Dept. of Art may reserve equipment using online or via phone: 612-625-9532 or the Web form: Reserve Equipment Online 

Digital Service Bureau for Learning (W138)

The Digital Service Bureau for Learning (DSB) is located in Regis West (W138) and offers large and small format Epson printers. For more information on the DSB visit our website, our Facebook, or email us dsb@umn.edu | (612) 626-4196.

Hours (Summer 2022)
The DSB is Closed May 12th - June 6th
June 9th- July 28th: Open Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-12:00 & 12:15-3:30

The DSB is closed between class sessions, but is open for students and the University community to come print during regular semesters and summer session.

XYZ Lab (E125)

The XYZ Lab is located in Regis East (E125) and houses a CNC router, two laser cutters, two 3D printers, a Roland SV-12 desktop vinyl cutter and a ceramic decal printer. The XYZ Lab is open for limited in-person appointments as well as online submissions. There are no walk-ins, the lab is open for appointments only. Sign-up for an appointment.

eStudio (W206)

The eStudio is located in Regis West W206. It is an interdisciplinary and collaborative art studio open to all University of Minnesota students. For more information about the eStudio visit our blog or contact estudio@umn.edu to learn about eStudio facilities and schedule updates. Please email  with any questions or requests.