Dissertations & Placements

Saena Ryu Dozier, PhD, 2019

"Presenting Korea’s Past: Melodrama, Spectacle, and Democracy in the Post-2000 Historical Films." 
First Position: Visiting Professor, Century College

Sejung Ahn, PhD, 2019

"Colonial Sublime: Infrastructure, Landscape, and Traveling Cinemas in Korea, 1896-1926"
First Position: Lecturer, Ehwa Women's University

Sravanthi Kollu, PhD, 2019

“Towards a Common Language: Social Movements and Vernacular Publics in Telugu, 1900-1956”

First Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, South Asian Studies, Harvard University

Chen Wang, PhD, 2019

“Literary Bilingualism: Chinese Authors Writing in the Language of the Other in Sino-Anglophone Contexts, 1930s-1970s”

First Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese, Asian Studies, Williams College

Emily Durham, PhD, 2018

“Magic, Madness and Mud: The Progressive Realism of Premchand, Manto and Chughtai”

First Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas, El Paso

Guanda Wu, PhD, 2017

“Nandan, Gender Plasticity, and the Dichotomization of “Artistic” Femininity versus “Natural” Masculinity from China’s Republican Era to the Early PRC, 1912 - Early 1960s”

First Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College

Abir Bashir Bazaz, PhD, 2016

“The Negative Theology of Nund Rishi (1378-1440): Poetry and Politics in Medieval Kashmir”

First Position: Assistant Professor, English, Ashoka University, Sonepat, India

Michael Crandol, PhD, 2015

“Nightmares from the Past: 'Kaiki eiga' and the Dawn of Japanese Horror Cinema”

First Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies, Modern Languages & Literatures, William and Mary

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Modern Japan Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands

Minhwa Ahn, PhD, 2015

"(Beyond) Propaganda: Biopolitics and the Fantastic Mode in South Korean and Japanese Film During and After the U.S. Occupation (1945-1979)"

First Position: Korea National University of Arts

Jesse Field, PhD, 2012

“Writing Lives in China: the Case of Yang Jiang”

First Position: Faculty, Affiliated High School of Peking University

Ji Hao, PhD, 2012

“Poetics of Transparency: The Hermeneutics of Du Fu (712-770) during the Late Ming and Early Qing Periods”

First Position: Assistant Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures, College of the Holy Cross

Jessica Ka Yee Chan, PhD, 2012

“Looking to the East: Chinese Revolutionary Cinema, 1949-1966”

First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures, University of Richmond