AMES Colloquium Series

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The AMES Colloquium Series presents an opportunity to discuss the most recent research of scholars working on some aspect of Asian and/or Middle Eastern Studies. At colloquia, invited scholars share their work and discuss theoretical and methodological issues that have relevance across national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries. The AMES Colloquium Series invites a range of scholars from other institutions, and from departments and graduate programs at the University of Minnesota.

Many thanks to Pat Hui and the Pat Hui Fund for support for the AMES Colloquium.

For a schedule of upcoming colloquia, please see the list below, or visit our News & Events page. 

2022-23 Colloquium Series

Title Presenter
March 14, 4:00pm, 32 Folwell Hall: "Commoning the Future: A Game of Local Currency, Community, and Sustainability in Rural Japan" Sharon Hayashi, Associate Professor, Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University
February 3, 1:30pm, via Zoom: "The Stakes of Tricontinental Cinema and its Aesthetic Theory" Kevin McKiernan, PhD Candidate, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota
January 27, 1:30pm, 122 Folwell Hall: "Experiencing the Ḥūthī Zāmil: Chanted Poetry in Yemen’s Civil War" Emily Sumner, PhD Candidate, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota
December 2, 6:00pm, via Zoom: "Navigating Beyond North Korea: Women's Experience ad Migrants and Defectors" HaeRan Shin, Professor, Department of Geography, Seoul National University
November 18, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "A Community-Based Model for Social Inclusion of North Korean Refugees in South Korea" Hyang Eun Kim, Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Kosin University
November 11, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Tuskegee in Korea: Afro-Asian "Uplift" in the Age of Empire" Jang Wook Huh, University of Washington
November 4, 1:30pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "Environmental Instabilities and Contemporary South Asian Multispecies Art" Sreyashi Ray, PhD Candidate, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Minesota
October 28, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Mapping Tokyo 3.0: A Collaborative Sensory Archive" Sharon Hayashi, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Arts, York University  
October 14, 1:30pm, Crosby Seminar Room, Northrop: "From Madwomen to Whistleblowers: #MeToo in South Korea as an Institutional Critique" Hae Yeon Choo, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
October 7, 1:30pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "Determining Worth: History, Race, and Subjectivity in Imperial Japan" Nicolas Audet, PhD Candidate, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota


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