MA in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

View the Master of Arts in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Handbook. For more information, contact the Director of Graduate Studies Suvadip Sinha.

The Master of Arts in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (MAAMES) is a two-year degree with a flexible program of study for students who desire advanced training in Asian and Middle Eastern languages and cultures. Placing an emphasis on the development of strong language proficiency and relevant cultural knowledge, this degree is designed for three types of learners:

  1. Those who seek to prepare for entry into a PhD program in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  2. Those who will pursue careers in government, nonprofit institutions and social work, law, journalism, or business
  3. Those in or preparing for K-12 and community college education, library and archival work, or translation and interpretation

Completion of the MA degree indicates proficiency in one Asian or Middle Eastern language and knowledge of the relevant histories, literatures, and cultures of the region. Students must designate a language of concentration on their MA in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies program application form. Currently, students may select Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, or Urdu for their language of concentration.

The program’s focus is primarily humanistic, based on research in the traditions of philological, literary, visual, and philosophical scholarship. The program also encourages investigations in the interpretive social sciences—such as anthropology, history, and the sociology of class, gender, and race. See our list of course offerings.

To facilitate the wide range of student interests, career goals, and regional specializations, the MA in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies offers students both a thesis option (Plan A) and a non-thesis option (Plan B). Students in Plan A are required to complete 20 course credits and 10 thesis credits. Students in Plan B are required to complete 30 course credits, as detailed below.

How to apply for the MA in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

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