Awards and Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

The Center for Austrian Studies is eager to engage budding scholars in Austrian and Central European studies.

Central Europe Undergraduate Yearbook

Central Europe: An Undergraduate Yearbook is an open-access journal promoting the sutdy of Central Europe among undergraduate students.  For more information on the journal, including submissions, please contact Howard Louthan and the editorial team at

Learning Abroad

The University of Minnesota offers several opportunities to study abroad in Austria and Central Europe through the Learning Abroad Center:

Exchange in Graz, Austria

The University of Minnesota has a partnership agreement with Karl-Franzens University in Graz, which calls for the exchange of 1-2 students each year. The University of Graz is located in Southeastern Austria. Graz is a picturesque university town offering theatre, music, parks, forests, and access to ski areas. Exchanges provide an affordable study abroad option and offer complete immersion at academic institutions specifically selected to meet the needs of University of Minnesota students.

CFANS Austria

The CFANS Austria exchange allows students to attend classes taught in English in natural resources and related fields in agricultural and food sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU).  This university is the premier university in Austria for studies in environmental sciences.

IES Austria at the University of Vienna

The IES Austria at the University of Vienna program allows students to study the German language and select from a range of area studies courses. Music students can also enroll in a special music program.

Don't Go With the Flow: Alpine Debris Flow Research, Monitoring, & Field Methods

The Don't Go With the Flow: Alpine Debris Flow Research, Monitoring, & Field Methods seminar in Austria and Switzerland will introduce students to debris and other hazardous flow in mountains research and how these studies focus on providing safety to Alpine communities.

Vienna Summer Program International Business

Students in the Vienna Summer Program in International Business will participate in a dynamic learning environment focused on providing students with international perspectives.

German Club

The University of Minnesota has a student-run German club: Der Deutschverein UMN.  Connect with them on Facebook and stay tuned for information on future collaborations. 

Voices of Vienna Scholarship

The Voices of Vienna scholarship was established by Kathryn and Wilbur Keefer, in honor of Professor Emeritus William Wright, founding director of the Center for Austrian Studies (1978).  The scholarship is administered by the School of Music and the Center for Austrian Studies in alternating years.