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Austrian Studies Newsmagazine

The Austrian Studies Newsmagazine (ASN), an English-language publication appearing continuously since summer 1989, is a clearinghouse for information on scholarly activities and opportunities that includes lively, thought-provoking interviews and feature articles offering scholarly perspectives on current events.

Starting in 1991, ASN appeared three times annually. In 2004, this changed; a somewhat lengthier ASN is now published twice yearly (spring and fall). The ASN was founded in 1989 under the guidance of Kinley Brauer, then-acting director of the center. The founding editors were James O. Brown and Suzanne Sinke (now a professor of history at Florida State University). The ASN was edited and designed by Daniel Pinkerton from 1992 to 2017, and is now edited by Igor Tchoukarine.

Archived Issues of the ASN
Beginning with Volume 9 (1997), we have archived every issue of ASN through the University of Minnesota Libraries digital conservancy
Here, you can explore an entire collection of past Austrian Studies Newsmagazines, annual reports, and working papers pertaining to the center and its research.

The ASN is free of charge to subscribers around the world and is the only worldwide interdisciplinary English publication of its kind. The ASN's readership, which continues to grow, consists of:

Cover page ASN Fall 2019/Spring 2020
ASN Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Vol. 32 No. 1
  • students, who are introduced to interdisciplinary study of the region by receiving information about scholars, activities, and opportunities
  • scholars, who learn about international conferences, postdoctoral fellowships, archival holdings, and the work of colleagues in other countries and disciplines
  • an educated public of individuals, who learn about current developments in scholarship, current events in the region, and the relationship between the two

To subscribe:
Contact our center by phone or email (Attn. Austrian Studies Newsmagazine).

Submissions to the ASN

We also invite you to submit announcements or manuscripts to the ASN. Announcements may be sent to the editor by email, fax, or regular mail. For articles, we urge you to write, email, or phone the editor, Igor Tchoukarine, before submission to discuss your proposal. He can be reached by telephone at 612-624-7321, and by email at Manuscripts should be sent as an email attachment and formatted in Word for either the Macintosh or the PC.