CASA SOL Living Learning Community

Casa Sol

CASA SOL is a Living Learning Community (LLC) where Chicano and Latino first-year students, work with Chicano and Latino faculty and staff towards a great first year. Living Learning Communities offer you the opportunity to live and connect with students who share similar interests, backgrounds, and academic and personal goals in a designated, community specific area of the Sanford residence hall.

The connections you establish in your LLC will be with you throughout your academic career at the University of Minnesota. Students who have participated in an LLC report being more satisfied with their on-campus experience. Research across the nation has demonstrated that LLCs increase first semester GPAs and student retention rates as well as students' satisfaction with their first year experience (Stassen, Inkelas, & Weisman). We hope you consider joining our community here at the University of Minnesota!

CASA SOL gives you the opportunity to connect with the Latina/o community on campus, find academic support, explore leadership opportunities, and, of course, have fun! CASA SOL students participate in Chicano and Latino Studies classes, cultural events, networking events, workshops, and a fall retreat that always includes música, good food, laughter, dancing, y mucho más! We invite you to be a part of our CASA SOL familia.

 Interested in joining the CASA SOL community? See Apply for more details! 

Contact Lisa Sass Zaragoza at the Department of Chicano & Latino Studies if you have any further questions. If you are interested in a Spanish language house, you should apply to the Spanish and Portuguese department's LLC, La Casa de Español.