Internships & Volunteering

We are pleased to offer volunteer and internship opportunities in collaboration and coordination with local Latino-led or Latino-focused organizations, agencies, groups, or initiatives.

Internships provide students an opportunity to work in the community on issues important to them. Students gain valuable work experience that many employers are looking for, which is key as students graduate and begin looking for jobs.

There has been an extremely positive response from agencies and organizations looking for student interns to work in the community or to examine issues impacting the Latino community. Areas include education, community and union organizing, immigration, government, and media/communications. Many groups also provide short-term volunteer opportunities.

How to get involved

There are so many opportunities to work in the community. Please connect with Lisa Sass Zaragoza if you are thinking about volunteering, seeking an internship, or if you are interested in receiving credit for your internship. 

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Are you interested in providing a

volunteer opportunity or internship to

our students?

Contact Outreach Coordinator Lisa Sass Zaragoza to find out

how you can get involved!

Past and current sites

Our students have participated in internships with the following organizations: