Graduate Minor in Early Modern Studies

Michelle Hamilton

Director of Graduate Studies

Center for Premodern Studies

1030A Heller Hall  


Loren Cowdery

Assistant to the DGS


The University of Minnesota's graduate minor in early modern studies offers MA and PhD students an opportunity to enrich their major field program with solid grounding in theories and methods used by scholars across disciplines who study the early modern period.

The minor draws upon the University’s exceptional resources for studying the early modern period, such as library collections and colloquia. Most importantly, the graduate faculty includes internationally recognized scholars from a wide range of programs, including anthropology; English; French and Italian; geography, environment, and society; German, Nordic, Slavik, and Dutch; history; history of science, technology, and medicine; Spanish and Portuguese studies; and theatre arts and dance. 

Graduate students earn credits while building an intellectual community among their peers and tap into the exciting interdisciplinary research going on in early modern studies at the University of Minnesota and around the world. Upon graduation, students receive formal certification of their cross-disciplinary training as part of a recognized university minor.

Program Highlights

  • Requirements complement and are easily integrated into most major programs
  • Co-taught by faculty from two different departments; core seminar provides formal interdisciplinary training
  • Electives come from a wide range of courses from across the University
  • Creates formal and informal opportunities for professional development


Call or email us to learn more about program requirements, course offerings, and how to apply for our early modern studies minor.

Fill out the application (PDF) and return it to the early modern studies director of graduate studies.

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