Funding & Support

Faculty and Students Collaborating

Teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships, and grants provide the most common forms of support for graduate students. The director of graduate studies in your program can also help you find the resources available to support your graduate education. 

Students who receive a multi-year funding package typically have a guaranteed base level of support tied to a 9-month, half-time teaching assistant (TA) appointment. The specific terms and conditions for your individual package are found in your letter of admission.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, a TA appointment in CLA provided a minimum stipend of $20,007 ($25.65/hour), tuition benefits for up to 14 credits a semester, and 95% of the premium for health insurance coverage on the graduate assistant plan (the remaining 5% is deducted from a student’s paychecks).

Your collegiate fee is used to provide technology services and student services (such as commencement) for CLA graduate students.

Learn more about student costs, tuition, and fees at the University of Minnesota.

Additional Funding Opportunities

Graduate Research & Creative Support

Graduate research support is available through the CLA research development team including workshops designed to assist graduate students with funding for dissertation funding and other major projects. 

Competitive funding resources are available for graduate students along with proposal development including: