Graduate Student Services

Campus Overview

The CLA Office of Research and Graduate Programs (ORGP) offers graduate student services support regarding academic policies, program requirements and by providing relevant data to assist with program planning and funding.

CLA’s Graduate Student Services serves as a central node to learn about CLA graduate program requirements, student funding opportunities, and academic life for CLA graduate students, staff, and faculty on the Twin Cities campus. 

We're here to help! CLA graduate students are welcome to contact ORGP with questions or guidance needed regarding academic forms, policies and procedures, inquiries regarding graduate career services, questions regarding how to access mental health and wellness resources, have questions regarding your collegiate funding, if you have a discrepancy within your program or need to escalate an issue, or if you're struggling with academics or life and need someone to talk to. If we don't have the answer, we will get you connected to those that do.  We're here to help you succeed and excel as a graduate student during your tenure in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. 

How to contact us: Email us at with any questions or to schedule an in-person or online appointment. 


CLA Graduate Student Resources