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50 Years Later, Collaboration Continues to Guide Economic Policy

A unique collaboration between two public-serving institutions is celebrating 50 years of shedding light on complex economic challenges. The University of Minnesota’s Department of Economics and the Minneapolis Fed have worked together on economics research since the late 1960s, providing relevant and nonpartisan economic insights to inform policy decisions that protect the financial system and promote economic growth.
Portrait: Timothy Kehoe

Trump's Tariffs Take Toll On Minnesota Companies and Farmers

The United States and China are in the midst of a tariff battle that has roiled markets. There are also signs that the world economy is slowing, and that’s prompted fears of recession. University of Minnesota Professor of Economics Timothy Kehoe discusses trade tensions, their impact on Minnesota-based companies such as Best Buy and Target, and the overall state of the economy.
Fatih Guvenen

The Core of the Economy

Fatih Guvenen, professor of economics, believes that the state of any nation’s democracy is linked to the state of its economy. Focusing his research on issues of income and wealth distribution, Guvenen uncovers some shocking truths about wealth inequality.
Maria Elisa Belfiori

Maria Elisa Belfiori

At the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Maria Elisa Belfiori (PhD ‘13, economics) studies the optimal design of climate policies. “With an average lifetime of 300 years, carbon dioxide emissions matter to unborn generations the most. That's why I study optimal climate policies that internalize both the economic externality and the intergenerational aspects of climate change." The Henry R. Sandor Fellowship in Environmental Economics fueled her studies at the U of M.

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