Rental Information for Pillsbury Hall

Wood-framed glass wall, through which are visibile white tables and black chairs, dark carpet, wood-paneled, white ceilinged room
Pillsbury Hall's fourth-floor attic, room 412

The English department's Pillsbury Hall spaces are available for rental based on availability. The rooms include the fourth-floor attic (412) event space and four seminar and conference rooms. University classrooms in Pillsbury are reserved through the Office of Classroom Mangement's Astra Schedule.

English's Pillsbury Hall spaces are available to rent by University units only. A non-University entity is one not covered by University insurance, that is, an entity that is not a current student, current employee, or an organization of the University. A non-University organization of which a current student or current employee is a leader or member of is considered a non-University entity.

Use of Pillsbury facilities by University units requires a Department of English Pillsbury Hall Facilities Use Agreement. Official Department of English activities always take priority and may override other facility reservations with no prior notice, except in the instance where a signed Facility Use Agreement is in use. 

Rental Fee Structure

Room Rental Rates

See weekday rates below. The same rates apply for weekend renters, but they must pay to rent the space for a minimum of 4 hours a day.

Attic/room 412 and atrium: $70/hour

Seminar or conference room: $30/hour


Event Manager: $22.50/hour

An Event Manager may be required for attic/room 412 rentals, depending on event format and time/day; an Event Manager is required for all weekend and evening rentals. Information will be provided with initial estimate.

Event Set-up and Re-set

$75 for any change to standard classroom seating that requires English staff labor, such as removal of tables.

Weekend Cleaning Fee  

All events held on weekends will be charged $282 each day.

Food and Beverage

Any food for an event must be cleared through the Event Coordinator, including outside catering, prepackaged food, and U of M food service. An approved University Food Permit may also be required, according to University policy. Failure to clean up food after an event will result in a $75/hr cleaning fee.

Planning for alcohol at an event must be cleared through the Event Coordinator. If alcohol is to be served, an alcohol permit, found at the U-Wide Forms Library, must be completed and approved by the University's Office of Risk Management. All University policies and all local and state laws related to the use of alcohol must be observed.

Rental Procedure

  1. Inquires about room availability should be emailed to English Event Coordinator Terri Sutton at
  2. If the space is available, the English Events Coordinator will generate a quote based on the rental rates listed above. 
  3. If the rates are acceptable, the Events Coordinator will put a hold on the space. To confirm a room reservation, English must receive a signed Facilities Use Agreement. If another non-Department of English renter challenges a hold before English receives a signed FUA , the hold entity will be notified and given the right of first refusal, which will require a contract within 10 business days.

Facility Use Policy

All renters are expected to follow any items in the Pillsbury Hall Rental Policy and Facilities Use Policy that are not specified on this website page.

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