Major Spotlight: Adele Loh

This English-Psychology double major recommends taking a community engagement course in English
Photo of English major Adele Loh

Year: Junior 
Home: Malaysia

Why did you choose to major in English?

In Malaysia, there has always been a lack of emphasis on language and arts in school. Students who pursue humanity or art programs are seen as “lesser” than science students. This made me curious about majors outside of sciences, and eventually I chose English because language is an important communicative tool; it does not matter what you do in life, we will always need language.

What has been your favorite part of your experience in the department?

My favorite experience has to be when I was taking a community engagement class that was taught by Senior Lecturer Eric Daigre. Through that class, I was able to learn outside of the course syllabus. It also allowed me to ruminate more on the differences I have as an Asian studying in America and the struggle I have trying to equalize the importance of my mother tongue and English.

Are you pursuing any majors, minors, internships, or interests outside your English major?

I am a double major student pursuing English and Psychology. What is interesting about them is that they both relate to underlying mechanisms of human experience. We need language to communicate, and we need psychology to maximize this communication in school, work place, etc.

What English course would you recommend for majors? For non-majors who want to take an English class?

The class I would recommend for both is ENGL 3741 "Literacy and American Cultural Diversity" with Eric Daigre. It is a class that allows for reflection on oneself and one's place in society or even the world.

Best book or movie you've read/seen recently?

Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-ju is a book and also a movie about Korean women's experience (as a mother, a daughter, an employee).


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