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Students in the Department of French & Italian are afforded many opportunities to practice and refine their language skills outside of the classroom. In addition to the various events that are held on campus, conversation hours are a great way to hone one's understanding of French and/or Italian. 

Conversation Groups

Each semester, department instructors and advanced undergraduate students organize conversation groups. These groups provide our students with a great opportunity to speak French or Italian in a relaxed environment (local coffee shops or bookstores). Speakers of all levels are welcome; undergraduates, graduate students, and community members can all participate.

Language Description Days & Times Location
French Alliance Française Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Italian Ciao! Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. Bordertown Coffee

Culture Shock and FRITNews

Culture Shock—the department's undergraduate blog—is a student-run branch of the Department of French & Italian. The blog strives to provide current and relevant information about French and Italian culture to today’s students. We also serve as a medium for students to learn about opportunities in both the community and department. FRITNews—the department's listserv—keeps undergraduates informed about academic updates, scholarship and service opportunities, job possibilities, and language-related activities. To subscribe to FRITNews, send your full name and email address to

French Groups

Italian Groups