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New three-year project will deepen knowledge on disability by facilitating virtual...

Dr. Jennifer Row, Dr. Angela Carter, and Dr. Jessica Horvath Williams of the University of Minnesota's Critical Disability Studies Collective (CDSC) are featured in an article about a new project at the U of M that seeks to educate people about medical discrimination against people with disabilities.


 I teach FREN 3014 French Phonetics, which is a course that helps students improve their pronunciation of French and acquire a more native-like accent. In the past, a lot of the in-class time was spent on "coaching" students to improve their accent. Last summer, I was unsure how well I would be able to do that through Zoom – not entirely without foundation, as it turned out.  So early in the summer, I planned a hybrid delivery with five weeks of Face-to-Face (F2F) sessions (in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) with a third of the class attending Monday, one third on Wednesday and the rest on Friday. Then the University said we all had to wear masks, so I revised for all Zoom delivery until I found out that face shields could count as masks.

Far from Remote: Zooming with Advanced Students of French at the U

My first reaction to Zoom for remote learning was quite Proustian, as the name brought back memories of a TV show largely created by kids for kids on American public television during the 1970s. The theme song which the kids sang at the start of every half-hour episode was: We’re gonna Zoom, Zoom, Zoom-a Zoom, come on and Zoom-a, Zoom-a, Zoom-a, Zoom! Come on give it a try, we’re gonna teach you to fly high!
Brian Vetruba

Duo lingua

Separated by language and location, librarians Brian Vetruba and Sarah G. Wenzel nonetheless join as partners in an unusual librarian exchange between the University of Minnesota and the University of Chicago.

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