Haddy Bayo, Class of '22, Dual Major in French and Environmental Science Policy & Management

Haddy Bayo, Class of '22

Growing up in The Gambia, which is almost surrounded by Senegal, I was exposed to some francophone media that made the French language sound cool. Although I didn’t major in French, I continued to study the language at the U of M because I always enjoyed going to class and learning the language.

In the Spring semester of my junior year, I studied abroad through the U of M Montpellier program, where I became fascinated and drawn to the culture and the people. As a dual French and Environmental Science Policy and Management major, I had the opportunity the take courses in environmental studies there in French, which combined both of my academic interests.

Studying French created opportunities for me to get to know the French faculty whose career journeys and experiences inspired me in the pursuit of my own path. After graduating, I’m doing an internship with an Informational Technology firm based in California specializing in sustainability. To my surprise, the Sustainability and Resilience Technical Director is a French speaker. So, I am happy that I will have opportunities to advance my language skills alongside her.

My goals after the internship include moving to France where I can pursue a Master’s in Sustainability Management and Environmental Justice.

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