Patricia Mougel Receives Teaching Award

Patricia Mougel

Congratulations to FRIT's Senior Lecturer Patricia Mougel, who has just been named Minnesota's French Teacher of the Year by the Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF).

In their announcement, the Minnesota Chapter Executive Board wrote that "Patricia defines professionalism and dedication. She carefully crafted her career combining administrative duties with teaching and promoting French language and Francophone cultures."

Mougel served as Director of Language Instruction for more than fifteen years and then returned to full-time teaching in the department. She now teaches at the intermediate and advanced levels, where she integrates principles of second language acquisition and content-based language instruction, digital literacy, current events, business concepts, and environmental studies.

In addition, Mougel's colleague and FRIT alumnus Dr. Benjamin Ngong says that “Patricia is known as treating her students with great dignity and respect. She has helped the Department of French and Italian create a positive environment that is very student-oriented and focuses on building students’ positive self-confidence in learning the French language through high standards and well-designed instruction.”

Mougel will be honored in spring 2022 at the annual AATF – Minnesota Awards dinner.

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