Niloufar Hosseinalipour (she/her), MA Student

20th and 21st Century French Literature, Migrant literature
Niloufar Hosseinalipour (she/her), MA Student

Joined the program in Fall 2023.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, I felt baffled by the absurdity of life, and then by studying Camus, I learned that awareness of the absurd is inseparable from the revolt it engenders. The search for a revolt has brought me to The University of Minnesota, where as an international student I’m curious to learn more about human life in the modern world and the challenges faced by individuals through the works of French contemporary literature and migrant literature that give voice to the migrant experiences and modern human beings. Learning, understanding, and being the voice of today’s human beings have become the goal of my studies and my act of revolt. I do believe, it is through the analysis of this era’s writers and the migrant’s experiences and conditions that we can provide researchers in other domains with valuable information so that they can continue helping people live a better life. As it is the power of literature to shed light on social, cultural, and political issues. Through my studies and analysis, I hope I can contribute to creating a more empathetic and informed society in the future.

Graduate instructor in the French and Italian Department of the University of Minnesota

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