Noah C. Goodwin (he/him), PhD Student

20th and 21st century French literature, French film, terrorist literature, martyrdom, ressentiment, political violence & extremism
Noah C. Goodwin (he/him), PhD Student

Joined the program Fall 2018.

I focus on the concept of 'ressentiment' in particular as it applies to French & francophone terrorist literature from the 20th and 21st century. My research focuses on addressing ressentiment and terrorist violence looks at the difficult natures of a world that has been and continues to be polarized through various affiliations and political ideologies. Additionally, my work attempts to bridge the gaps between the individual and the collective: what is the responsibility of the collective for the individual? and, how can the individual be understood in the collective? I develop this through a shift towards a question of culpability for violence: if the collective pushes an individual towards an act of violence, who is at fault? And how should that fault be understood? As these questions engage and push my work forward, I hope that they will be useful for others thinking through similar problematics. I am also doing a MIMS Minor.

French Directors Project: "Claude Miller" and "Guillaume Canet" (2022)

Summer 2020: Panelist, Foundations of Online Teaching Research

March 2022: International French & Francophone Studies Colloquium. "Exprimer la passion: Contemporary & Historical French Identity in Carl Theodore Dreyer's La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc.

Armand & Renaud Summer Fellowship, summer 2019

CHGS (formerly HGMV) - Sponsored attendance to weeklong summer professional development (2019)

Peterson Graduate Fellowship (summer 2020)

CHGS (formerly HGMV) grant (spring 2021)

Peterson Graduate Fellowship (summer 2021)

FRIT Department Summer Fellowship (summer 2022)

Graduate School Fellow (summer 2023)

Graduate instructor in the French and Italian Department at the University of Minnesota

Summer 2019: CHGS (formerly HGMV) week long professional development seminar

AY 2019-20: Uncommon Bodies reading group

Summer 2020: Foundations of online teaching

December 2020: The Politics of Numbers, CHGS Graduate Student Panel

Spring 2021: SITES online conference

Academic year 2020-21 and 2021-22: FRIT Graduate President

Active in climate change organizing in particular around the 22nd Conference of the Parties in Marrakech, Morocco in 2016

Part of a panel convened of attendees from the 22nd COP to discuss the continued effects of climate change in the years since 2016 (2020)

Montpellier Exchange Program:

From University of Minnesota to Université Paul Valéry – 2022-2024

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