Shima Sahranavard (she/her), PhD Student

20th- and 21st- century French and Francophone literature and film, visual studies, interdisciplinary studies between literary forms and other representations of image
Shima Sahranavard (she/her), PhD Student

Joined the program in Spring 2023.

I am mostly interested in visual studies. My research broadly focuses on interdisciplinary studies between literary forms and other representations of image, such as painting, engraving, cinema, etc. “Image” can be defined in different ways for different writers or artists; I am interested in the intersection of image and literature (le verbal et le visuel). Furthermore, I am doing a MIMS minor.

For my master’s dissertation, I focused on a novel by Pascal Quignard, Terrasse à Rome (2000). In this unique novel, the writer gives a privileged place to the original image. I demonstrated the significance of image in this novel and how it reflects the philosophy of Quignard. I argued the reason why language being considered as a faculty which is neither sufficient to express itself nor to understand the depth of a lack in human beings, is replaced by image in the novel via the art of mezzotint.

Moreover, I am interested in French philosophy. Additionally, I am always captivated by mythological references in contemporary works and enjoy decoding the intertextuality between old myths and contemporary literature.

French and Italian Department Summer Research Fellowship, summer 2023

Graduate instructor in the French and Italian Department of the University of Minnesota

Teaching French at Language Institutes – 2013-2022

Sahranavard Shima, The Original Image in Pascal Quignard’s Terrasse à Rome: Thinking in Image with Quignard through Mezzotint Art, Fourteen International Conference on the Image, San Jorge University, Zaragoza, Spain, Nov. 2023

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