Alexandre Dubois

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Research Interests:

I am a PhD candidate focusing on poetry, theology, and geography. My dissertation project, in short, examines how nineteenth-century French poetry developed a sacred and unconquerable space in opposition to imperial expansionism, epitomized by the growth of international railway networks. I published two articles: one entitled "Le nihilisme intégral" in a collective volume at the Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre (2017); another one called "Dire 'Adieu' au 'Génie' - Le sacré des lointains chez Rimbaud," in Parade Sauvage (2017), the leading journal on Arthur Rimbaud. Additionally, I work in Game Studies and will soon publish an article entitled "Speaking About and Through Video Games: Towards Verbalizing a New Grammar," in the journal Conserveries mémorielles (September 2018).


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