Major Transfer Guides

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Exploring College of Liberal Arts (CLA) majors and understanding how courses taken at your current institution might apply towards major requirements is an important step in your planning to transfer to CLA. Our CLA Major Transfer Guides can help you develop your plan.

Important note:  The recommendations about majors and degrees in these Guides are not the same as requirements for admission to CLA.

How to use the Major Transfer Guides

Step 1.  Choose the major that interests you from the list below and begin your exploration.  

Once on the Major Transfer Guide, make sure to:

  • Pay attention to the degree type (BA, BS, BFA, BMus, or BIS). The major is only one part of the degree. Here is an overview of CLA degree requirements, which includes the CLA second language requirement for BA or BIS degrees. 
  • Read the recommendations from the major department.
  • Explore the departmental website to learn more about the major and department.

Step 2: Use Transferology to see how courses from your institution have been evaluated to transfer to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC).

The University of Minnesota uses Transferology as our public transfer course database. New courses are added weekly as they are evaluated. For instructions about how to use Transferology in your transfer and major planning, go to the Transferology Student Guide.

Go to Transfer Credit Evaluation to learn how to submit transfer courses for evaluation.  

You will find additional information about international credits, transfer credit review criteria, policies about specific types of transfer credit, meeting liberal education requirements, and more on the Office of Admissions website.

In Transferology, a direct equivalent shows as the UMTC course number. For example, COMM 1101 is a direct equivalent, while COMM 1T*** is not. If you find a course that does not have a direct equivalent or has not been evaluated, you can submit the course for review. A copy of the course syllabus is required.

Step 3.  Questions? Contact CLA Transfer Advising for questions or planning assistance.

A CLA Transfer Advisor can help answer your questions, discuss your interests, and determine the next steps in your transfer planning.

How to Find the Major Transfer Guides

Go to the Majors, Minors & Programs listing, and find your intended major. This links to the degree page, where you will see a tab for "Transfer Guide" if there is one for that major.

Note: Major Transfer Guides are being created for each CLA major. If you are interested in a major that does not have a Transfer Guide, contact