Transfer Student Types

Students walking outdoors near Bruininks Hall

What Type of Transfer Student Am I?

The College of Liberal Arts admits transfer students from a variety of colleges and universities including area community colleges, other four-year colleges, and other University of Minnesota colleges/campuses.

Check below to see which type of transfer you are. Each type has their own specific steps to the CLA transfer process.

Transfer from Outside the University of Minnesota

Students transferring from an institution outside of the University of Minnesota (U of M) or are a U of M non-degree seeking student.

Transfer from Another University of Minnesota Campus

Students transferring from another University of Minnesota system campus (Crookston, Duluth, or Morris).

Transfer from within the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus or from University of Minnesota Rochester

Students currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus or the University of Minnesota Rochester and are interested in transferring into the College of Liberal Arts or declaring a second major within CLA.

International Transfer Students

Students from another country who want to transfer to the University of Minnesota and study in the United States.