Diversity Recruitment in Geography Program

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Diversity Recruitment Weekend! The Departments of Geography, Environment and Society and Anthropology are pleased to announce this event will take place in September 2020, on the west bank of the University of Minnesota. Specific dates will be decided in February.
Contact us at anth-ges@umn.edu with any questions.

Graduate Diversity Recruitment Weekend is designed for students who are historically underrepresented in Anthropology and GES graduate programs and who are interested in learning about graduate training in these departments at the University of Minnesota. This program will feature a coordinated set of formal and informal experiences designed to familiarize participants with strategies for constructing successful graduate school applications, and to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about the experience of graduate education in our departments.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Students who are enrolled in a college or university as a junior or senior, or who have graduated within the last two years (i.e., 2017 or thereafter). Students currently enrolled in a terminal master's-level graduate program also are eligible.
  • Students who identify as a member of groups historically underrepresented in graduate training in these fields, including members of ethnic and racial minority groups, and participants who are first-generation college students or graduates.
  • Students who are committed to pursuing doctoral training through either:
    • the Department of Anthropology in one of our programs of research: Anthropological Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, or Socio-cultural Anthropology, or
    • the Department of Geography, Environment and Society in one of our programs of research: Biophysical Geography and Climatology, Geographic Information Science (GIS) or Human Geography.

The costs of transportation and lodging will be covered for applicants selected to participate in this program. Interested individuals who are eligible to apply for this opportunity to visit the University in September 2020, are required to provide the following information and materials:

  • Completed online application form. Please note that this application does require you to sign in to your google account to complete. If you do not have a google account, please contact anth-ges@umn.edu to obtain individual access to the form that does not require a google account sign-in. Within the application, applicants will be asked to upload:
  • In addition to completing the online application, you must send the following materials electronically to anth-ges@umn.edu:
    • description of your educational and career objective;
    • personal statement (see Graduate Diversity Recruitment Weekend Application Personal Statement Guidelines);
    • copy of the applicant’s transcripts (an unofficial copy will suffice);
    • copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae or resumé.
  • A brief statement from a faculty member familiar with the applicant must also be sent electronically to anth-ges@umn.edu.

The deadline for receipt of these materials is May 31, 2020. Priority review will be given to applications received by this date. Applications will be reviewed over the following weeks and selection notifications will be sent in early July. 

Applicants are encouraged to review the graduate program areas, including faculty profiles, prior to submitting their applications. More information about these departments can be found: