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Portrait of Stuart McLean.

The Engagement of Imagination

How can the social sciences learn from the humanities? Global studies and anthropology professor, Stuart McLean, bridges the gap between the two in his book Fictionalizing Anthropology. McLean argues that art is entwined with human culture, and because of this, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary.
Portrait of Barbara Frey in her office

UMN Students, Faculty Receive Grant for Human Rights Research

University of Minnesota faculty and students researching human rights received a $325,000 grant to conduct research and draft policy recommendations for national and international governments. "Beyond it being research, it’s also supposed to actually improve human rights through better policies and practices,” says Barbara Frey, director of the Human Rights Program.
Collage from African Voices videos

African Voices of Paris

African Voices of Paris is a four-part documentary series that highlights the lives of immigrants of African origin living in Paris. Director of the African Studies Initiative (ASI) and Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Shaden M. Tageldin speaks about how collaboration got ASI invested in this important project.

$4 Million in Support of Less Commonly Taught Languages

The Institute of Global Studies has been awarded more than $4 million during 2018-22 academic years to develop new curriculum that improves the readiness of graduates for life in a globalized world and to support students in the less commonly taught languages. Projects include the development of new courses, practica, and internships that take advantage of global-local connections in the Twin Cities, as well as connecting campus curricula to opportunities abroad.