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GNSD Statement on Racial Justice

The Department of German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch joins the ongoing protest against racial inequality and injustice in the Twin Cities and nationwide, asserting that Black lives matter. We oppose racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, trans- and homophobia, misogyny, white supremacy and racist violence, and strive towards an inclusive department in which all feel respected, safe, and welcome. 

TandemPlus Class-to-Class Exchange with Germany

As the name suggests, TandemPlus class-to-class (C2C) exchanges usually pair one local language class with one language class in another country. Individual students from each of the classes are paired and meet online three to five times throughout the semester for conversation in both the target language and English. Sometimes, however, the group of students at one of the universities isn't technically "a class," but rather students from a variety of courses who have been recruited by a staff person at the institution to form a group for the purposes of the exchange. This type of arrangement is usually due to special circumstances, such as curricular changes due to COVID-19.

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