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In GNSD, you can learn globally important languages while exploring the cultures, societies, and histories of the German-speaking and Nordic countries, Russia, and the Netherlands.

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Study Languages and Cultures

Think Globally

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Our majors and minors go on to a wide range of careers in business (for-profit and non-profit), education, journalism and strategic communication, government service, and the sciences and engineering. Many majors and minors also continue their studies in a variety of graduate programs or in the professional schools, chiefly medicine and law.

Acquire New Skills

Learning languages develops analytical and communication skills along with intercultural competence. We offer a variety of courses in culture, literature, history, film, and media focusing on Northern Europe, Central Europe, and Russia, with topics that range from early historical periods to contemporary environmental issues. Gain access to literature, media, and film in the original languages that is never translated into English, or read about global and domestic news through the lens of another culture. Pick up a second (or more!) language from the department and broaden your expertise across multiple cultures as well as your skills in career readiness.