Damion Searls

Event Date & Time
Event Location
G65 Peik Gym

157 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

If you prefer an online option, join via Zoom.

Damion Searls is a full-time literary translator- from German, Norwegian, French, and Dutch. He has translated fifty books and won numerous prizes, making a career and a life doing what people often think of as a classroom exercise. In fact, many of the prejudices and misunderstandings about translation in the literary world can be traced back to the classroom context, where translations prove a student's mastery, are graded by bilingual language teachers, etc. Searls will discuss some of the more creative and real-world aspects of actual literary translation, and how what he does is and isn't the same as what's called "translation" in the classroom.

Join us to learn more about Damion Searls's career and ask questions about translation, the publishing world, and working in foreign languages in this second event of the Language Careers in a Changing World series.


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