German American Beer Culture & Gemütlichkeit in the Midwest

Speaker: Jana Weiß (University of Texas at Austin)
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“German American Beer Culture & Gemütlichkeit in the Midwest"
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Folwell Hall Room 123

9 Pleasant Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455

German Americans led the "lager beer revolution” in the second half of the 19th century, fundamentally changing US drinking culture in terms of what was consumed (lager beer vs. ale) as well as where and how it was consumed (saloon vs. beer garden). Thus, the presentation focuses on the influence of German Americans on the brewing industry. By zooming in on selected states in the Midwest, it explores the role of the brewers as thrifty entrepreneurs, scientists, and German American cultural brokers, marketing and representing an “Americanized way of Gemütlichkeit” which eventually lead to their downfall during World War I.

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About the speaker

Jana Weiß is a historian with a focus on US and transatlantic history. Her research interests include 19th- and 20th-century immigration, knowledge, and religious history as well as the history of racism.

Read "The Lager Beer Revolution in the United States" by Jana Weiß.

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