Relational Revolution

A talk by Bini Adamczak
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Revolutions, like the Russian Revolution, have often been misunderstood: as executions of a political plan, as adventures of courageous minorities or as a pure excess of violence. They are frequently seen as contradictions between theory and practice. What other ways are there of understanding revolutions? Might misunderstandings be part of the revolution itself? And can the relationship between theory and practice be reconfigured?

Bini Adamczak (Berlin) works as a philosopher and artist who writes on social and political theory and the past future of revolutions. She invented the term "circlusion" and is the author of Communism for Kids (MIT) and Yesterday's Tomorrow. On the Loneliness of Communist Specters and the Reconstruction of the Future (MIT).

This event will be held over Zoom, it can be accessed here

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