GNSD Represented at Sustainability Fair

Ari Hoptman talks to a student at the Sustainability Fair 2022.

Sustainability, or Nachhaltigkeit, is an important value in today's Germany as well as in GNSD. German language courses are now integrating sustainability into language learning, from environmentally conscious vacations to living green in the city. Members of the department have also been active in the Environmental Humanities Initiative.

The Sustainability Fair, organized by the Institute on the Environment’s Sustainability Education program and the Office of Sustainability, took place on September 2, 2022, during the Welcome Week for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and sophomores. As in previous years, GNSD hosted a booth at the CMU outdoor plaza (the University’s Student Union), highlighting the sustainability efforts and values of GNSD. This event was a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise, knowledge, and passion for sustainability with a large audience of incoming UMN students. This event is one of the most well-attended Welcome Week events and our table gets a lot of traffic! Who wouldn’t want to play the Recycling Game? Many thanks to the folks who staffed the table: Olivia Branstetter, Rachel Dodson, Arsena Ianeva-Lockney, and Ari Hoptman. 


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