Fellowships & Funding

A number of funding opportunities are available in the College of Liberal Arts including fellowships, grants, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.  Additional funding may be available to you through the Graduate School and through your program. Be sure to connect with your graduate program's Director of Graduate Studies for guidance on how to find the resources you need to finance your graduate education.

Academic Year Support

Beverly & Richard Fink First-Year Award is available to students who were nominated for, but did not receive, a DOVE fellowship, CIC fellowship, or a PED fellowship. Qualifying students will receive a First-Year Fellowship in addition to the standard package that their department is offering them during their first year.

CLA Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF) carries a one-semester stipend of $12,500 plus tuition for up to 14 thesis credits and /or required dissertation-related seminars only. This fellowship is awarded to a select number of students who applied to, but did not receive, the UMN Graduate School DDF Award and who are enrolled in a graduate program of the College of Liberal Arts.

Institute for Advanced Study Call for Concepts provides small grants, project development assistance, and fundraising support for promising, early-stage, interdisciplinary projects.

Immigration History Research Center Fellowship program supports students working on a broad range of research topics and projects, advances the work of the IHRC, and involves graduate fellows in the work of the Immigration History Research Center Archives (University Libraries).

Grant-in-Aid Awards support a visit in order to conduct research in our collections. Awards are available through co-sponsorship from the Immigration History Research Center and the IHRCA through the ethnic and general funds.

Summer Support

Beverly & Richard Fink Summer Research Fellowship encourages recipients of the Graduate School's Diversity of Views & Experience Fellowship (DOVE), Creating Inclusive Cohorts (CIC) Training Program Fellowship, or Professional Education Diversity Fellowship (PED) who are enrolled in graduate programs of the College of Liberal Arts to partner with a CLA faculty mentor on a research project to be conducted during the summer. 

Center for Premodern Studies Summer Dissertation Fellowship supports up to six graduate students at the early stages of dissertation research and writing to participate in the CPS Dissertation Fellowship Program. The goals of the workshop are to help doctoral students 1) think about their work in comparative, premodern, global, and cross-disciplinary ways; 2) engage collaboratively and generatively with peers about their own scholarship and that of others; 3) make progress on their research and writing through intensive collaboration and feedback. 

Dissertation Proposal Development Program is a summer program that expands and improves formal dissertation prospectus and grant proposal development for humanities and social science doctoral students and provides summer research funding.

Graduate Internship Program is a graduate student internship program to offer doctoral and research-based master’s students the opportunity to gain experience in a profession beyond a traditional tenure track position, explore how their academic training translates into various career options, and build skills that will translate across sectors and jobs.

Graduate Research Partnership Programs (GRPP) is summer funding that seeks to foster an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural community of faculty and graduate students committed to studying and teaching various subjects at the intersections of critical race, ethnic, indigenous, gender, and sexuality studies.