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GWSS classes are designed to appeal to students across a variety of disciplines and areas of study. For example, courses on gender and science are a strong fit for students pursuing degrees in global studies, biology, and public health, while classes that focus on gender and politics support study in fields such as political science and act as a natural stepping stone for students who intend to study law.

If you have taken courses on gender, women and sexuality studies at another university, some credit may transfer pending evaluation of a course syllabus and sample work. We will also consider transfer credits that come from a college with whom we have a transfer agreement.

Spring 2020

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
GWSS 1001Gender, Power, and Everyday LifeSections [2]
GWSS 1002Politics of SexSections [3]
GWSS 1003WWomen Write the WorldSections [4]
GWSS 1005Engaging JusticeSections [1]
GWSS 1913Ending Sexual Violence at the University of MinnesotaSections [1]
GWSS 1914Debbie Do-Gooder and the White Savior Cat: Humanitarianism or Queer & ...Sections [1]
GWSS 3203WBlood, Bodies and ScienceSections [1]
GWSS 3302Women and the ArtsSections [1]
GWSS 3402Pleasure, Intimacy and ViolenceSections [1]
GWSS 3406Gender, Labor, and PoliticsSections [1]
GWSS 3406HHonors: Gender, Work, LaborSections [1]
GWSS 3409WAsian American Women's Cultural ProductionSections [1]
GWSS 3501Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Social Movements in the United ...Sections [1]
GWSS 3502Transgender Studies NowSections [1]
GWSS 3896Internship for Academic CreditSections [1]
GWSS 3993Directed StudySections [1]
GWSS 3994Directed ResearchSections [1]
GWSS 4001Nations, Empires, FeminismsSections [1]
GWSS 4108Senior Capstone: WritingSections [1]
GWSS 4204Sex, Love, & DisabilitySections [1]
GWSS 4401Chicana/Latina Cultural StudiesSections [1]
GWSS 4980Directed InstructionSections [1]
GWSS 4993Directed StudySections [2]
GWSS 4994Directed ResearchSections [1]
GWSS 5993Directed StudySections [1]
GWSS 5994Directed InstructionSections [1]
GWSS 5995Directed ResearchSections [1]

Fall 2020

There are no GWSS courses available for Fall 2020.
Please see for more info.