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A woman wearing a hijab holding a "LOVE TRUMPS HATE" protest sign

Why a professor in a US university is including a course on Trump in his history...

Why would a professor in a U.S. university include a course on Trump in his history class? A day after the result of the U.S. Presidential Election was announced on November 9, Aren Aizura, Assistant Professor in the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Department, received emails from students saying they were “scared to leave their dorms” because of Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies restricting the entry of outsiders and suspending the U.S.'s refugee program. Read more about Dr. Aizura's and take on these issues and efforts to combat them.
Mathematic symbols from the cover of Sara Hottinger's book

Hidden Figures: Women's Studies Meets Mathematics

Take a look at this story by Colleen Flaherty in "Inside Higher Ed" featuring an interview with GWSS alum Sara Hottinger and her new book "Inventing the Mathematician: Gender, Race, and Our Cultural Understanding of Mathematics" in which she argues that part of the love/hate polarization of mathematics is how we learn to see math and the people who excel at it - typically male, white and relentlessly objective.
Headshot of Lars Mackenzie against a maroon-colored wall

The Afterlife of Data: Identity, Surveillance, and Capitalism in Trans Credit...

Feminist Studies Ph.D. student Lars Mackenzie examines online discussion board posts about trans people's experiences with their credit reports, arguing that the issues trans people encounter illuminate the complex logics of neoliberal capitalism, predatory lending, and the “afterlife” of identification data enabled by big data surveillance.