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Ann Waltner standing near Coffman Memorial Union

Performing History

History doesn't just have to be taught in an academic setting. Professor Ann Waltner takes her classroom to the stage to help teach historical knowledge through the arts by illustrating the power of music and art in telling our collective historical stories.
Professor Mai Na Lee

The Stories Untold

Associate Professor Mai Na Lee is dedicated to preserving Hmong history. In doing so, she works diligently to ensure that its hidden stories are uncovered and shared. Drawing on her personal history as a Hmong refugee, she engages her students in this research and brings together professors from across the world to tell the untold stories of the Hmong diaspora.
Image of map of Alaska

Uncovering Alaska

PhD candidate and Andrew Mellon Fellow, Jessica Arnett, has been traveling across the United States as she completes research for her dissertation on Alaskan Native sovereignty. Through the uncovering of primary sources, she has made interesting connections for a relatively unstudied part of American History.
Photo of a European Union flag with frayed edges

Good Question: What Is The European Union?

Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union made headlines worldwide. Experts say it’s possible more countries could follow Britain’s lead, further weakening the EU. That got us wondering—what is the European Union, and how does it affect us? Good Question. Tom Wolfe is a history professor at the University of Minnesota, who specializes in the European Union provides an answer for WCCO-TV.