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JB Shank

Entangled Ways of Knowing

History professor J.B. Shank believes there is not just one correct way to understand the world. Shank emphasizes this in his historical research, studying artistic ways of approaching science, and vice versa. “Historically, the arts and sciences were not opposites, they were very much entangled,” he says.
Erika Lee

The Fear of the Stranger

History professor Erika Lee studies xenophobia, and asserts that American immigration laws don’t have to be drawn from a place of fear or hatred. “We needed to have an honest, brave conversation about the democratic values on which the country was founded,” she says.
Erika Lee

The Politics of Distraction

Erika Lee, a professor of history and director of the Immigration History Research Center, is interviewed by PBS about recent comments made by President Trump. "...remarks by the president and the division that it has caused points to a much larger, deeper problem in the United States," she says.