Students, visiting scholars, and faculty in the Department of History are involved in and attend a number of (interdisciplinary) workshops. Here, they come together to share works-in-progress. Below is just a short list of some of the workshops that are of interest to the department's scholars.

American Indian and Indigenous Studies Workshop

The American Indian Studies Workshop provides a place for scholars from all disciplines to come together and share research related to indigenous studies. For more information, visit the American Indian and Indigenous Studies website.

Comparative Early Modern History Workshop

This is a Center for Early Modern History sponsored workshop that provides a space for intellectual exchange for scholars of the early modern period (ca 1500 -1800) regardless of geography or academic discipline. For more information, visit the Comparative Early Modern History Workshop website.

Comparative History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Workshop

The Workshop for the Comparative History of Women, Gender, and Sexuality provides a forum for discussing articles, works in progress, and dissertation and grant proposals on the history of women and gender regardless of geography or discipline. For more information, email the workshop coordinators at

Early Modern Atlantic Workshop

The Early Modern Atlantic Workshop meets to discuss works-in-progress related to the early modern Atlantic world, a time and space of dense and varied cultural and economic exchanges. This workshop is open to scholars from across disciplines. For more information, please email at

Graduate Workshop in Modern History

The Graduate Workshop in Modern History provides an interdisciplinary setting for graduate students to share their work and receive feedback from faculty and their peers. This is an interdisciplinary workshop open to any geographical area based in the modern period (ca 1800 - present). For more information, email the coordinator at

Legal History Workshop

The Program in Law and History sponsors this interdisciplinary workshop that brings together scholars from across disciplines (including law and history) to discuss research that explores the relationships between the law and history. For more information and the schedule, visit Program in Law and History.

Premodern World Workshop

Sponsored by the Consortium for the Study of the Premodern World, this interdisciplinary workshop provides graduate students studying the premodern world roughly before 1800) a space to present and discuss works-in-progress. For more information, visit the Premodern World Workshop website.