HRP Welcomes New Graduate Communications Staff Member

Guillermo Gorrin Castellano (MHR '23)

Greetings! I’m Guillermo Gorrin Castellano, a 2nd year Master of Human Rights (MHR) student from Venezuela. I’m joining the Human Rights Program as the Communications Coordinator for this academic year. I’m currently serving as the MHR representative before PASA, ICGC Faculty Advising Committee Student representative, and Human Rights Council representative. My background is in immigration law, humanitarian work, and mixed methods research. My current research focuses on ways in which humanitarian and development initiatives can incorporate a victim, trauma-informed perspective into restorative justice practices around the issue of anti-personnel landmines, using Colombia and Mozambique as case studies. My goal is to develop strategies to better assist landmine-ridden communities to take ownership over the detection, removal and disposal process and the necessary restorative practices that should follow, such as quality of life investment on orthotics, prosthetics, rehabilitation, and economic activities tailored to the needs and challenges of victims.

Throughout the years, I have accrued experience in fieldwork, research, and community engagement. Some of this work includes immigration support work at prestigious law firms, lobbying for the Venezuelan Temporary Protective Status designation before the US Congress and Senate, anti-personnel landmine advocacy and field support, assisting victims of torture and human trafficking access human services, and research related to rule of law development in the Latin America and Caribbean region. My professional goal is to engage in meaningful research and strategic policy development surrounding humanitarian and international security practices using human rights and a bottom-up approach as a departure point. I also want to eventually obtain a doctorate in international relations to teach at a university level.

I am very happy and eager to work with the Human Rights Program, exposing me to new concepts, tools, and perspectives around institutional-based human rights work. It is reinvigorating to engage with professionals, academics, advocates, and other active players in the endeavor of respecting, protecting, fulfilling, and promoting human rights both locally and internationally.

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