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Fact Finding: LGBTI Experiences in Kenya

Ivan Lopez Justiniano is a second year Master of Human Rights Student who spent winter break working on a fact-finding mission regarding the experiences of LGBTI individuals in Kenya. Using the skills he has gained from the Master of Human Rights program and working in collaboration with other experts, Ivan will spend spring semester developing a report for the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations.
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Call for Nominations - 2019 Undergraduate Human Rights Awards

Each spring, the Human Rights Program and the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies celebrates the tremendous work of University of Minnesota - Twin Cities undergraduate students in human rights by presenting the Inna Meiman Human Rights Award and the Sullivan Ballou Award. Each award comes with a $1000 scholarship to the student and recognition at an awards event in late April.
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Human Rights Faculty Receive Grand Challenges Grant

University of Minnesota human rights faculty receive a $325,000 Grand Challenges Research Award to tackle global barriers to equality and justice. The grant will support "The Minnesota Model," an interdisciplinary initiative to understand and propose solutions to backsliding in human rights around the world. The Minnesota Model is composed of strategic partnerships between academic researchers and practitioner organizations, faculty-led and NGO-led projects in the Human Rights Lab, a venue for interdisciplinary research and discussions.
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Collaborating Across Communities to Address Health and Wellbeing

Elexis Trinity is a second year Master of Human Rights Student who had the opportunity to work for Carver County Public Health, managed two conferences for the Catalyst Initiative of the Minneapolis Foundation, and has just started work with the Hennepin County Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation to create a community advisory board. Read more about Elexis's experiences here.
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Training the Next Generation of Human Rights Advocates and Scholars

The Observatory on Disappearances and Impunity in Mexico is an ongoing project in which researchers seek to understand the complexities of disappearances and impunity in Mexico. A dynamic, interdisciplinary team led by HRP Director Barbara Frey is moving into a new stage in research, documenting reporting on disappearances in Mexico media. Undergraduate and graduate student researchers on the team are working closely with top human rights and research methods experts in Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
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Innovative Human Rights Projects Selected for HRI Funding

The Human Rights Initiative Research Fund awards grants to University of Minnesota Faculty working on interdisciplinary research that addresses human rights issues. Now, the HRI Research Fund is announcing its newest grantees. Research topics vary from human rights implications to addressing terrorism, to immigration court monitoring, and more. Grantees include a mix of brand new projects and previously funded projects that are moving to a new, exciting phase.
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Identifying New Avenues for Advocacy in Health Care Equity

Dr. Calla Brown, second year Master of Human Rights student and Academic General Pediatrics Fellow, is exploring the intersections of human rights and health research and practice. This past year, Calla analyzed data regarding the health services received by incarcerated youth in Minnesota, served on the Migrant Health Elective, joined the board for Doctors of Global Health, and volunteered at the College of Medicine in Malawi.
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UMN Professor Barbara Frey Discusses Why Human Rights Are Key to Solving the Gun...

Director of the Human Rights Program and expert on violence committed using guns and light weapons Barbara Frey spoke at Washington University in St. Louis about the need for innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to solving gun violence. Highlighting human rights scholarship and practice as a key tool, Professor Frey discussed not only the violence perpetrated using light weapons, but the ways in which the effects of this violence reverberates through society. Pointing to fundamental economic, social, and cultural rights, among others as under threat because of gun violence, Professor Frey offers a new perspective on how society can move forward to solve the gun violence crisis. Read more about her presentation here.
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The University of Minnesota Human Rights Program: A Year in Review

The Human Rights Program at the University of Minnesota, know as The Human Rights University, has been extremely busy throughout 2018. The program graduated its first ever cohort of Master of Human Rights students, many of whom have gone on to positions where they are putting their human rights knowledge and skills into practical action. The Human Rights Initiative awarded grants to groundbreaking faculty research projects that employ interdisciplinary methods to tackle some of the most pressing human rights issues. Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional human rights students undertook a wide variety of research projects and internships that helped develop them as the future's human rights defenders. Read more about all of the exciting events, visitors, and achievements of the Human Rights Program in 2018.
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Student Internship Spotlight: Eaint Thiri Thu

Second year MHR student Eaint Thiri Thu combined her past human rights professional experiences with new tools she has learned in the MHR program to her fellowship this summer at the United States Institute of Peace. Working in their Asia Division on Burma issues, Thiri got the opportunity to network with and learn from other great human rights advocates and gain a deeper understanding about the peace building process. Read about her great summer experience here.
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Student Internship Spotlight: Ivan Lopez Justiniano

This summer, second year MHR student Ivan Lopez Justiniano interned at Minneapolis-based Global Rights for Women and supported a research project for HRP Program Director Barbara Frey's project, the Observatory on Disappearances in Mexico. During his busy summer, these roles opened Ivan's eyes to the types of organizations he plans to focus on during his post-graduate job search. Learn more about the new skills and insights Ivan gained from his summer work in this piece.
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Student Research Spotlight: J. Wren Supak

Second year MHR student and visual artist J. Wren Supak is seeking new ways to merge her expertise in the arts and human rights. This summer, she had the opportunity to take this research to Colombia. Through collaborating with theater groups and Colombian artists, Wren sought to understand how theater could act as a vehicle to peace and a means of trauma negotiation for conflict survivors. Read more about Wren's experience here.
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Student Internship Spotlight: Alli Strong

Alli Strong, a second year Master of Human Rights student, spent her summer in Eugene, Oregon, interning for Mobility International, USA. During her rich experience, Alli learned about how to apply human rights advocacy tactics to disability rights work and exercised her evaluation skills. Read Alli's internship spotlight to learn more about her experiences working both behind the scenes and directly with Mobility International, USA clients.
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Professor and HRI Grantee Lisa Hilbink Visits Sao Paulo University to Discuss Work...

Professor and HRI Grantee Lisa Hilbink recently traveled to Brazil to discuss her work on the role of the judiciary's role in Chile. However, when less than a week before her scheduled arrival Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil's presidential election, she questioned whether it was still the appropriate moment to come discuss her work. When she asked her contacts at Sao Paulo University their thoughts on postponing, she received a surprising response that led to the trip of a lifetime. Read about Professor Hilbink's transformative visit to Brazil here.
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This year's Scallen Lecture "Principled Voices" Series featured...

This year's Scallen Lecture "Principled Voices" Series focused on "Protecting the Press in Myanmar (Burma)." Expert panelists spoke on current risks to freedom of the press and expression in Myanmar, potential future developments, and how international actors and Myanmar political officials should respond. Read more about the panelists' analysis and insights on protecting Myanmar's press freedom.
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Interdisciplinary Innovations in Human Rights Research Presented at the Human...

Students, faculty, staff, and community members gathered to hear the latest in innovative, interdisciplinary research focused on promoting human rights at this year's Human Rights Initiative. With work spanning the globe from El Salvador to Sri Lanka, HRI research grantees shared their latest findings and hopes for future work with the crowd. Check out this article for more details.
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Student Internship Spotlight: Maryam Ahmed

Second year MHR student Maryam Ahmed spent her summer interning for African Development Solutions (ADESO) in Nairobi, Kenya, with support from a Human Rights Program Fellowship. During her time with ADESO, she dove into researching the links between international development and human rights, as well as understanding the inner-workings of development non-profit at the ground level. Read more about her transformative experience in her internship spotlight.
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Summer 2019 Human Rights Internship Positions are Open for Applications

The Human Rights Program and Master of Human Rights Program are excited to announce our Human Rights Internship Positions for Summer 2019. Positions are available to any student pursuing a Master of Human Rights or a Graduate Minor in Human Rights. These internships offer exciting opportunities to live and work in Washington D.C. with one of two incredible human rights organizations: Amnesty International, USA and Refugees International. Check them out here!