Disappearance of Migrants

While it is known that vulnerable migrant populations are at a high risk of suffering human rights violations, the crimes suffered by individuals pertaining to this group often go unreported. In the writing of their report on human rights abuses against migrants in Mexico, the group WOLA found that statistics concerning the crimes committed against migrant populations are not collected on the national level in Mexico, making it extremely difficult to assess the extent to which migrants here are subjected to grave violations of their rights. We found almost a complete absence of reporting on named migrant victims in disappearance cases.

While the press periodically reports on the phenomenon, these articles almost never identify the victims by name.  One notable exception is the case of Honduran migrant, Oscar Antonio López Enamorado, who disappeared in Jalisco in 2010. Oscar’s mother, Ana Enamorada has been a fierce advocate for the families of disappeared migrants in Mexico, resulting in significant press coverage of his case. 

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