Language Center & Institute of Linguistics Administrative Hub

LC LING Administrative Hub

The Language Center and the Institute of Linguistics are pleased to announce that the two units are forming an administrative hub for collaboration and resource sharing in support of languages at the University of Minnesota. Both units will remain autonomous, and retain their separate leadership and academic independence. 

The leadership and mission of the units are unchanged. Amanda Dalola continues to serve as director of the Language Center, and the unit remains focused on advancing second language, literature, and culture education. Claire Halpert continues to serve as interim director of the Institute of Linguistics, which is the academic home for the scientific study of the human capacity for language. 

This administrative hub will allow the sharing of some staff, primarily Stephanie Treat, who has served as the administrator for both units for almost a year, and Agnes Malika, who recently became the graduate program coordinator for Linguistics, and beginning February 27, 2023 will serve as the curricular coordinator of both units. Stephanie will also remain the coordinator of the CourseShare program. Some other staff will support both units on an occasional basis, but Stephanie and Agnes will serve as the core of the hub. 

Aside from this administrative sharing, the structure of both units remains unchanged. Please see the staff page for the Language Center to see the best contact person for the center’s programs and services. For Linguistics, please see the staff and faculty officers and faculty pages for contact info for academic directors and all faculty. The Language Center will remain in Jones Hall, and the Institute of Linguistics will remain in Elliott Hall, with staff who work in both units housed in Jones. Both units will continue to communicate news and events independently through their websites and other channels, such as the ElsieTalk listserv for the Language Center, and Colloquium announcements for Linguistics. 


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