ACTFL Testing

Designed by national testing experts, the ACTFL Tests are carefully constructed assessments that determine functional language ability as described in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.  Listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities are evaluated on a scale from Novice to Superior.

The Reading Proficiency Test and the Listening Proficiency Test are standardized, computer-delivered tests for the global assessment of reading and listening ability in a particular language. ACTFL writing tests are carefully constructed assessments with four to five requests for written responses dealing with practical, social, and/or professional topics that are encountered in informal and formal contexts. Finally, oral proficiency is assessed through the OPIc, an internet-delivered test that simulates a conversation.

ACTFL proficiency tests are currently being used worldwide by academic institutions, government agencies, and private corporations. Teacher certification boards in more than 20 states require evidence of spoken and/or written language competency as demonstrated through official ACTFL ratings.  At the University of Minnesota, ACTFL tests are used to demonstrate Advanced-level proficiency for the Certificate of Advanced Proficiency and in collecting data for the PACE project.