PI Agency Dates Amount

Mary Somerville on the Unity of Science

Samuel Fletcher The Royal Society January-December 2022 $2,686

Agency, Directionality, and Function: Foundations for a Science of Purpose

Alan Love John Templeton Foundation September 2021-August 2024


CAREER: A Modern Philosophy for Classical Statistical Testing and Estimation Samuel Fletcher National Science Foundation September 2021-August 2026 $442,998

The Creative Role of Stress in Evolution and Development

Alan Love John Templeton Foundation July 2019-June 2023 $164,000
The Many Faces of Reproducibility Alan Love University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop May 2019-August 2023 $58,910
Presidential Discretionary Fund Award Roy T Cook with Jessica Gordon-Ruth Association of Symbolic Logic Spring 2019 $1000
Research and/or Community Education about Patient Rights Carl Elliot (Bioethics) Robert E Hopper Family Fund 2018 $10,000
Feminist Philosophy and Formal Logic Workshop Jessica Gordon-Roth with Roy T Cook University of Minnesota Grant-in-Aid July 2017-January 2019 $20,150
From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics Alan Love John Templeton Foundation 9/1/15-8/31/18 $2,508,865
Integrating Generic and Genetic Explanations of Biological Phenomena Alan Love John Templeton Foundation 9/02/14-8/31/17 $422,457
Philosophical Perspectives on Causal Reasoning in Biology, two workshops held at the University of Minnesota C Kenneth Waters, Michael Travisano University of Minnesota Grant-in-Aid 2011-2013 $23,685
Scientific Pluralism, a workshop to be held at the University of Minnesota, Oct. 10-13. 2002 C Kenneth Waters National Science Foundation 8/1/2002-7/31/2003 $7,884
Workshop on Quantum Measurement: Decoherence and Modal Interpretation Geoffrey Hellman (PHIL) National Science Foundation 3/1/95-5/31/95 $10,000
Workshop on the Origins of Logical Empiricism Ronald Giere National Science Foundation 10/1/93-3/31/95 $10,000