Past Workshops

History of the Book in East Asia

  • Organized by Lois Hendrickson and Emily Beck. A workshop about the history of the premodern book in East Asia. 

Mediterranean Workshop

  • Organized by Sultan Toprak, Daniel Schroeter, & Michael Lower. This workshop is for scholars carrying out research on the empirical, political, cultural factors underlying claims to a distinct Mediterranean regional identity.

Premodern Food Cultures

  • Organized by Michelle Hamilton, Emily Beck, and Marguerite Ragnow. Premodern Food Cultures explores primary texts and secondary scholarship on premodern food and foodways and works with local food producers. They hosted a conference with the Center for Premodern Studies and the James Ford Bell Library in October 2019.

Reception of Classical Texts in the Medieval and Early Modern World

  • Organized by Andrew Scheil and Asa Olsen. This research workshop provides a reading, discussion, and research forum for the reception of Greek and Roman texts in medieval and early modern western Europe to 1800.

Teaching the Global Premodern

  • Organized by Kate Tuley and Gabriale Payne. An interdisciplinary space for conversations about course design on premodern topics. Sessions include learning workshops on digital tools, discussion of applying pedagogical theory to the premodern, and workshopping individual syllabi and assignments for the classroom. 

Global Folklore

  • Organized by Andrew Scheil and Ali Zimmerman. This research workshop provides a forum for the reading, research, and analysis of folklore from a global, multicultural, comparative perspective.

Research Collaborative on the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East

  • Organized by John Watkins. This workshop is a continuation of the UMN's existing Mediterranean Collaborative, which works on a broad spectrum of Mediterranean issues that reflect the new emphases in the field of Mediterranean Studies.

The Graduate Research Workshop for the Study of Premodern Archaeology

  • Organized by Erin Crowley-Champoux and Brooke Creager. This workshop brings together students from the Anthropology, History, Art History, and Classical & Near Eastern Studies Departments to explore themes in archaeology of the ancient world.

Tolerance and Polemics in Medieval Iberia

  • Organized by Mario Coosío Olavide and Robert Hultgren. This research workshop explores how premodern Iberia and the Mediterranean can (and cannot) serve as a model of tolerance and conflict among groups of different confessional, ethnic, and linguistic identities.

Visual Culture of the Persianate World

  • Organized by Catherine Asher, Matt Canepa, and Sugata Ray. This workshop aims to think collectively about the visual, material and discursive means of the expansion, development and circulation of Persianate culture.

Words and Music Across Time and Space: Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Performance

  • Organized by Marguerite Ragnow. In conjunction with early music group ¡Sacabuche!, this workshop will perform "Venetia 1500," a multimedia piece inspired by 16th- and 17th-century scholarship, music, and visual art.

Digital Premodern Workshop

  • Organized by Marguerite Ragnow, Curator of the James Ford Bell Library. In 2015-2016 the Digital Premodern Workshop launched a project entitled “Mapping the Global Midwest: Histories of Space and Place in the Upper Mississippi Watershed." The Mapping the Global Midwest digital platform will serve as a single, comprehensive entry point to the study of the Upper Mississippi River watershed, with the capability of linking out to other regions/platforms/projects.  With this initiative we break new ground in project development, bringing scholars together around a historically significant document, working with librarians/curators to find and digitize related source material that could be used for a variety of related projects, and drawing digital/computer specialists into the conversation at the beginning so that all aspects of the project become part of a coherent whole.

Insert Coin, Understand the Past

  • Organized by Josh Marcotte & Matt King (History). A graduate student-led workshop that engaged with critical theory in both history and game studies in an attempt to untangle the abstract ways modern games persuade their players of certain interpretations of the premodern.

Manuscript Studies.

  • Organized by Ruth Karras (History). A workshop devoted to manuscript culture especially at the moment of the advent of mechanical printing and the relation between manuscript and printed texts and writing practices.

Mediterranean Collaborative: The New Mediterranean Studies.

  • Organized by Kay Ryerson (History). This workshop is a continuation of the UMN’s existing Mediterranean Collaborative, which works on a broad spectrum of Mediterranean issues that reflect the new emphases in the field of Mediterranean Studies.

Premodern Mediterranean Communities and Modern Scholarship.

  • Organized by Mary Franklin Brown (FRIT) & Michelle Hamilton (Span/Port). This workshop brought together scholars to explore the factors that both defined and divided communities in the premodern Mediterranean world. A focus of the workshop was exploring the theoretical underpinnings of modern notions of the medieval period and its cultural production in a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, history and philology.

Representations of the Premodern in Film.

  • Organized by Emma Snowden (History) & Ben Obernolte (FRIT). A graduate student-led workshop that explored and examined representations of the premodern world in films and shows such as Game of Thrones, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Songs of Hate: A Medieval and Early Modern Poetry Reading Group.

  • Organized by Marcelo Fuentes & Veronica Menaldi. (Span/Port). A graduate student-led reading group of medieval and early modern poetry, focusing on works that have been largely overlooked because of the bigger visibility of their lyrical opposites, the songs of love.

Intersections of Power, Kinship, and Gender in the Medieval World.

  • Organized by Cameron W Bradley. Graduate student-led workshop that explored kinship and gender relations in the medieval world.

Premodern Recipe Workshop.

  • Organized by Emily Hagens. A graduate student-led workshop that explored premodern recipes and recipe books and the role of recipes in the wider culture.

Rethinking Cosmopolitanisms.

  • Organized by David A Chang. A research workshop devoted to the varieties of cosmopolitanism present across time and space, and their value for thinking about cosmopolitanism today.

Politics and Literature Between North and South in Premodern Mediterranean Traditions.

  • Organized by Mary Franklin Brown (FRIT) & Michelle Hamilton (Span/Port). A research workshop exploring political and literary interactions in the premodern Mediterranean.