Recommendation Guidelines

These guidelines are provided to assist you with writing the letter of recommendation. We value your insights on the applicant and appreciate the time taken to write letters on his/her behalf. Please feel free to contact Susanna McMaster if you have any questions regarding the letter.

In addition to completing the online recommendation form, please discuss, to the extent you can, the following points in your narrative with respect to the applicant’s GIS experience and interest.

  1. Comment on the breadth and depth of the applicant’s intellectual interests and educational attainments.
  2. Comment on the applicant’s intellectual capacity and GIS academic or work performance. Does the applicant work up to his/her capabilities? Has he/she completed significant work?
  3. Does the applicant have a serious interest in and good potential for a career in GIS? If possible, comment on any teaching, research, internships, or professional experiences that the applicant has had.
  4. Comment on the applicant’s oral and written communication skills.
  5. Does the applicant have certain skills and/or abilities that would make her/him particularly suitable for the MGIS graduate degree program?
  6. Are there any other facts or considerations that you think should be brought to the attention of the Admissions Committee?